The Eiger Foundation, based in Geneva, Switzerland, collaborates closely with the Inside Out Centre for the Arts in Johannesburg. Together, they work towards promoting African photography and various art forms. Their initiatives include exhibitions, educational programs, competitions, and creative exchanges.

The Foundation’s primary goal is to enhance public awareness and appreciation of photography and diverse art forms, spanning drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, film, and multimedia.

With a specific emphasis on African continent-related photography and art, the Foundation actively participates in initiatives related to environmental protection, ecology, and conservation. It also recognizes the importance of preserving artistic heritage, collaborating with experts to ensure the longevity and accessibility of valuable artworks.

Taking a multifaceted approach that integrates documentary elements with aesthetics, the Foundation aims to make a positive impact on various aspects of society. This includes fostering artistic appreciation, cultural preservation, educational empowerment, and social betterment. Their efforts extend globally, with a particular focus on contributing to the African continent’s cultural and artistic landscape.

Partnership with Inside Out Centre for the Arts

The Eiger Foundation proudly collaborates with the Inside Out Centre for the Arts, a Johannesburg-based institution closely aligned with its mission. Established by the acclaimed artist-photographer Roger Ballen, the Inside Out Centre operates as a not-for-profit foundation, serving a dual purpose integral to our shared vision.

Firstly, it serves as an art exhibition space, showcasing shows that delve into African continent-related issues through a unique lens, blending aesthetics with profound psychological perspectives.

Additionally, the Centre hosts a dynamic range of educational programmes encompassing talks, panel discussions, masterclasses, and presentations that both reflect on ongoing exhibitions and address broader topics pertinent to the arts and Africa.

Dedicated to promoting African art